Current Videos Programs Available:
1. Financial Planning & Cash Reserves- Do it Yourself or Hire a Professional.
2. Identity Theft- Ways to Prevent, Protect and Recover.
3. Symbols of the $1 Dollar Bill Analyzed- The American Way.
4. Symbols of the $1 Dollar Bill Analyzed – The Masonic Way.
5. Life Insurance – Discover the Right Type and Amount for Your Needs!
6. Disability Insurance – A Critical Insurance for Young Adults!
7. Roth IRA- Build a Tax Efficient Retirement Income for Yourself.
8. IRA- How to make it Work for You Now and In Retirement.
9. Prospectus- The Antifraud Document: Learn to read this document to prevent from being a victim of investment fraud!
10. Stocks- How to purchase stocks yourself or hire a professional to do it for you.
11. Federal Reserve – Understand the basics and role it has on the Country’s Financial System.
12. Federal Reserve –The Hidden Side, Stock Owners & Real Agenda Exposed!
13. Auto Insurance – Understand the Policy Basics and Ways to Protect Yourself from Financial Ruin. Learn ways to reduce your premiums. Must see for everyone especially teens, young adults and seniors.
14. What is Financial Planning and How to Hire a Professional!
15. Anatomy of a Real Estate Transaction Part 1- Learn the role of a Realtor and ways to prevent being a victim an unethical Realtor.
16. Anatomy of a Real Estate Transaction Part 2- Understand the settlement process and prevent being a victim of unscrupulous settlement fraud or hidden fees and charges at the settlement table.
17. FDIC and SIPC- What are your rights and how much of your money is protected when your bank or brokerage fails or becomes insolvent.
18. Financially Preparing for Marriage – Ways to Help Your Marriage Survive Financially.
19. Financially Preparing for a Same Sex Marriage.
20. Let’s Go Green – Using Solar Panels on Your Home.
21. How to Assist an Aging Parent or Family Member.
22. How to Hire a Contractor.
23. How to Reinvent Yourself after this Recession.
24. How to Rent an Apartment Part I
25. How to Rent an Apartment Part II – Contract & Lease Agreement
26. Fixed Income Part I
27. Fixed Income Part II
28. Rental Insurance Basics
29. Apartment Safety and Security Tips
30. Learn about the different types of Credit Cards and how to establish Credit.
31. Learn how to maintain good credit and understand Credit Reports and FICO Scores.
32. How to purchase a Vehicle Part #1.
33. How to Purchase a Vehicle Part #2.
34. Estate Planning Basics
35. Financial Aid
36. Ways to pay for college.
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